Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Ever Changing Environment

The environment is ever changing and with it we too must change. We live in an incredibly challenging era. The growing awareness of our degrading environment has led to a cultural shift in which we learn and practice to live more sustainably. It is important for me to represent a pillar for the ever-changing cultural perception of the importance of our environment. This shift is not only occurring in the scientific sector but also in business, industrial and policy sectors. I have a keen interest in becoming involved in this change, in the way we view and treat the earth that sustains life, and all economies.

I am currently a Masters student in an Environment and Sustainability Program and wanted an outlet to speak about some of the news that I come across on a daily basis. This blog will serve as a running commentary for those searching for a voice supporting alternatives to the current degradation of our planet and to support a new view.

Environmental issues affect us every day of our life. I have a passion for our earth and sustainable living is part of my everyday life and will be part of my future. I feel although my aspirations are great they are attainable.

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